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Key Things We Could learn From Jesus Today

Imitating Jesus can prove to be the best thing and way of life any one could ever think of. I mean, he was a perfect being, the only begotten son of our great God and the first born of all creation. But upon considering this people still fail to see the fact that Jesus Christ is the best example and role model anyone could think of, and he has the best qualities and attributes we could all learn from. I will be listing some of those priceless key thing we can learn from Jesus today.

1. Humility:

Humility is very essential in our daily life today. i mean, it is commonly said that 'Pride comes before a great fall' and no one should indeed deny or neglect this wise words. Jesus Christ our model showed the perfect display of humility. Imagine washing the facts of mere disciples who were lower to him, this is simply mind blowing and is a great aspect to imitate and learn from Christ Jesus. 

2. Obedience:

The bible had foretold that obedience in the world generally today will become out of sort in these last days, children will become disobedient to parents and all of that. But considering Jesus' display of loyalty and obedience to his heavenly father even to the point of death is a show worth emulating.

3. Compassion: 

Jesus Christ was very compassionate. He felt what others felt at a given moment and always did what he could to make sure such moment could turn out to be better. Consider the case of the death of his friend Lazarus. He literally broke down in tears and then resurrected him. This is worthy of emulation.

4. Slow to Anger/Abundant in Loving Kindness:

'Who is the greatest am us' the disciples argued irritatingly, on getting on the sight of this, Jesus never got angry but yet he slowly and tactfully corrected them with love. You will agree with me that anger is not very easy to manage or control especially in escalating situations, but learning from the example of Jesus can be of great benefit to us.

5. Forgiveness:

Forgiveness - one of the most difficult things to grant as mere imperfect humans. But yes, Jesus did this with ease. We might say we are not perfect, Jesus is. Yes! we know, but would it be wise to keep our imperfection at the upfront in other to displease God, No! Consider Jesus disciple Peter, the closest to Jesus. He had claimed to love his master so much but ended up denying him three good times just as Jesus had foretold earlier to him, a fact which he strongly disputed. But still Jesus forgave him with a large heart. This is a super lesson to learn from. 

Imitating and learning from this wonderful lessons Jesus Christ has set for us. We can be sure to ensure taking a proper stand in this wicked world, having a good standing with God too and above all living a happier life today.

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