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Wisdom Tips For Upcoming Men and Women Of This Great Nation!

Wisdom tips
 you have to establish the following for a better future!
Have an open door policy. A lot of things happen in the secret. If you want to discuss something intimate, it may be better to discuss it in the open. It can be a place where you will not be tempted or where you have company but let it be private enough in order to keep people’s ear from your conversation.

How far is too far? Anything that would stir up your emotions deliberately in anticipation of sex is too far. Many people most especially our male today are willing to do anything just to have sexual intercourse. It is written according to the scripture “flee from fornication”, not just to flee but to keep off from every appearance of fornication.

Are you on the lord’s side? Naturally, it is usually the men who put pressure on the women, demanding for sex. Some go as far as telling their girl friends to give in or else they will breakup in the relationship. Ladies let me advice you today, not just advice but understand that any man who threaten you in the aspect of breaking up any relationship just because He did not have sex for you or because you refuse to give Him sex is not worthy of you. Through this kind of action, you can be very sure that he will not marry you. Many single ladies and mothers of this generation had fallen into this situation. They gave in for sex so as to prevent their relationship but as soon as pregnancy becomes the result, the man disappears.
 Young ladies beware so that you will not fall into the trap of the enemy.

Note that it is not only the men, sometimes it is the woman who puts pressure on the men, it’s rare but mostly, it happens. When a lady who claims to be a Christian pesters you for sex, do all you could to flee for your life because the devil is at work.
Keep running for your dear life; do not stop until you are delivered from her.

Love waits

If you are in a strong relationship to the point that your partner is telling you that he can’t wait, ask Him how he is going to cope when you are not away. Maybe properly you travel you’re a work purpose that may take few days after you are both married. It is not a must that you both must always be together at every night. If you can’t say no to fornication today, how would you say no to adultery in the future.

Resolve to abstain through loving limits. For instance maybe you are in a car on a lonely road at night, and you are asked by your boyfriend decided to park without telling you, insist that you do not want him to park in a dark place. If he wants you to talk, you can do this while you are on the road or when you get to your destination.

Develop strong convictions: you must be fully determined to avoid per-marital sex. The danger may increase as your weeding day approaches, but if your mind is made up, you will not give in.
Deny worldly lusts: if we all do what our carnal body huge us to do, we will all perish.

Some people in the world say if it feels good, just do it, you better realize that you have to give account of all your actions and reactions on earth to God on the judgments day.  
If someone asks you for sex, say no! Say no! to the devil and He will flee away from you. Say no for no! needs no! Explanations.

The wrong crowd affects: if your friends say that see nothing wrong with having sex before marriage, you are involved with the wrong crowd. If they remain your friend long enough, they will begin to influence you. Many people vow that they will not do something bad until someone convinces them otherwise.

Some films can be dangerous: man has been made by God with the ability to practice everything he observes. If you watch films that show two people making love your body will start releasing some hormones you never even expected. If you keep watching these films, one day the urge of hormones may be strong, it may overpower you. This is especially true if you are watching with your girlfriend.

Discuss the sins and consequences of fornication: fornication is a grievous sin. Tell yourselves what you will lose if you both sleep together before you get married. Sex before marriage can be avoided, and truly must be avoided.

Please note that virginity is precious. If you lose your virginity to the person you are engage to, even if you both get married later, you have short-change yourself.
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