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How To Choose A Career With Great Care


A career covers the whole of one’s working life from the time of leaving school to the time of retirement. It is a planned progression within a chosen occupation. This involves understanding, recognizing and exploiting abilities, aptitude, and interests. It also involves an awareness of the work environment for a particular occupation, the levels of entry and entrance requirements that may be necessary, and the nature of work involved. The student should be encouraged, early as possible, about the world of work- engineering, social work, medical work, work involving figures etc. and the subjects associated with each.
These three areas will help a great deal in making the right choices.

Parents and teachers can help the young student by looking into answers in the following questions-
Does the student have a good memory?

Is he or she neat?

Does he or she do things quickly?

Which subjects does he or she hate or find difficult to understand?

Does he or she like working with hands-which is practical work?

What are his or her hobbies?

The same question raised in “assessment ability” could be attempted in assessing aptitude. Test may be given to students in school. Knowledge of aptitudes can be extremely useful when related to the requirements of careers that your son may be considering.

Try to find what your son/daughter enjoys most at school- what subjects, what games, what hobbies, what books he/she likes to read, and why he or she enjoys them. Know also his /her preferences whether he/she enjoys meeting new people and freely taking to them, or  whether he/she feels awkward and timid talking to people he/she does not know- does he/she organized activities among his/her friends or he/she content to do what other people suggest(an extrovert)? Is he/she interested in knowing how or why certain things happen or does he/she accept that they happen without trying, using tools, writing things or does he/she find these difficult? Is he/she interested in music, drama, art works etc? Does he/she keeping things neat, tidy, and in logical order-his /her books, clothes, records, tools, school bags etc.?

Try to link all these points to the subjects he/she studies, to his/her leisure activities and to his/her daily life. See if you can discover where his/her interest is STRONGEST. Interests will indicate broad fields of occupation/ career-

To work with people simply means to inspire confidence in them and to make them feel at ease in your presence and able to reply you. In these type of occupation you will be ready to help in medical and social work of all kinds, shop work. Teaching, secretarial work, selling, personal work and allied occupation.
Watch out if your child loves to work with people, then his best choice will come from the above occupations/ careers.

Working with facts and figures can range from routine daily task, involving keeping things in order, to using statistical data to develop new ideas. It may, for instance, mean working in an office, keeping accurate records of daily transactions, or the more creative work of a research scientist.
Some occupations (careers) fall naturally into this group-accountancy, banking, computing, most desk jobs- cartography, publishing, travel agency and librarianship. It requires an ability to follow the idea through to a logical conclusion, recognizing the factors which may have a bearing on the final outcome of the idea.

A variety of different skills is required for practical work- an ability to use the hands. The basic qualities required are manual skill, an interest in and aptitude for domestic or mechanical things, a practical approach to problems, being interested in taking things to pieces and putting them together again.
Some of the careers in this group are engineering of all types and at all levels. Catering and institutional management, florist, hair-dressing, laboratory work etc.

The qualities require for active and outdoor work certainly includes physical stamina, being prepared to get dirty doing the work and accepting long irregular hours, and enjoying moving around. The relevant occupations cover all branches of agriculture, horticulture and veterinary work, building construction work, physical education, milk man, postman, insurance, collector, housing manager etc.

Career in this field must be chosen in terms of visual work, sound and drama. This may progress to teaching, draught man ship, mechanical design, television engineer, camera man, electrician etc.
When considering career choice, many things must be considered, effect that particular job can have on life in general, the hours of work and its effect on the kind of social life one is able to lead-changes of location (armed forces and police), living in certain parts of the country (coal mining)
Find out the variations that a particular occupation can offer whether it is at operative or administrative level, and what the educational requirements are in terms of CSE and GCE passes.

Know also the sort of situation you will be working in-with engineers, clerical workers, general public, by yourself etc.

If parents are to help their children over the choice of a career, they must be aware of the facts as they apply now to the employment and training situation and not the situation as it was when they (parents) were leaving school. They should help the child to be aware of all the problems and considerations that will have some bearing on his or her decisions.

The school also has vital roles to play in helping the child in making the right choice. Fortunately, our schools have special career teachers and counselors to assist the pupils and parents in this area. They and the parents should work together in the assessment of the ability, aptitudes and interest of the child to arrive at this vital choice- the choice that will either make or mar the future of the child. Here again, it is important that any advice given should be related to the current situation, and not what was obtained in the past.

The child should not make the choice alone.

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