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Combat Procrastination Today! And Secure Your Future For Tomorrow

To get inspired, you don’t need someone who is expired.

Procrastination simply means the attitude of putting things off, and the attitude of pushing things you can do today to tomorrow, it is also an attitude of delayed action.
My beloved readers, do you believe that the best and valuable time to do anything you want to do, in order to achieve and become successful in life is YESTERDAY! Today might be dangerous or it might be getting late already, and tomorrow is practically impossible.
Anything you want to do in life, I tell you yesterday was the best time of it. This attitude, if you imbibe it in your life, it will constantly put you on an alert or cutting edge, causing you to tell yourself that you are behind schedule; thereby motivating you to do the right thing at the right time and at the right place, until a favorable solution and success are attained.

The secret of every successful man is the burning desire to become successful. The human nature as we all know, normally will always feel relaxed, and at such it will bring into your mentality that they is still time, this mentality that they is still time is known as procrastination which is the attitude of delayed action that stands as an enemy of success. To think you always have time, is a deception from human nature. And anytime you allow being pushed to the corner of relaxation, due to the human nature, know that you’ve already signed in for failure. There is no better way and time of getting things done rather than doing them at the instance of the urge that rises within you. Problems of life increases with time, in other words, it multiplies as the day goes by, and as such, resulting to nothing getting easier in the future. Never wait for the future, those who do, may arrive to find nothing there. Let your future be created today by consciously doing something positively. Men who create future for themselves are men of action.

Anytime you allow delay in a positive step or action you wish to take, the delay therefore becomes a fertile ground for the enemy of success to manipulate your future because the giant you refuse to confront today will eventually stop you tomorrow. Success calls for immediate, rapid, massive action because the time something occurs to you, is the perfect time to do that thing. “Strike when the iron is still hot.”
Here are the end product of procrastination that proof further the fact that it is detrimental in which conscious effort need to be  taken to avoid the after-effect.
i. Loss of great opportunities 

Those who procrastinate, will always loose their opportunities because opportunities will not come to you, you lay holds of your opportunities.
And only those who do not procrastinate, who are vigilant, who are on their guard, will always see and recognize one when it’s passing.

ii. It results to abandoned destinies, unfinished projects, unrealized dreams because of the attitude of saying; “there is still time.” This is why the richest place on earth is no other place but the cemetery, why because many abandoned destinies, unfinished projects as well as unrealized dreams are buried with their potentials. May you never die with your potentials until you manifest by creating positive impact in your generation with what you contain?

iii. Regrets 

  Regrets are the feeling of sadness or disappointment, especially at the loss of something or missed opportunity.
Procrastination brings about regrets; it brings about complains. Making the most use of an opportunity at the instance of the urge is the greatest weapon to overcome regrets. Anytime there is a regret at the end of any matter, procrastination is not far from the cause of such regrets.
Every successful man must fight this syndrome called regret in order not to face it in future.

How to combat procrastination  

i.                    Make a roster that will inspire and motivate you on time management. Poster like “hey, no procrastination”. Paste the poster where you normally work.
ii.                  Practice the act of doing the job now by fighting off any suggestion to do the job later.
iii.                Always set time deadlines of which you must accomplish part or the entire assignment you have.
iv.                  Best of all, pray for God’s grace and enablement.

Note: The greatest quality on earth is the willingness to become.
           Also: The secret of every successful man is the ability to become successful.

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