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20 Steps on How To Plan For a Successful Marriage!

plan for a successive marriage today!
1.When do I want to get married?
It is wise to consider getting married between six months and eighteen months after you start courting.

2.What kind of weeding do I plan to have?
To help you decide the type of wedding to have, you need to answer the next couple of questions.

3.Who will finance my wedding?
It is possible and importance to have some friends who are willing to help you financially, but the golden rule is what ever you cannot afford, do not do and also cut your coat according to your size.

4.Where will be the venue of my wedding?
Even if your weeding will take place in your church or anywhere it may be, make sure you know the requirements.

5.Where will my wedding reception hold?
Make sure you a better place for your reception, if you are planning to use a very big hall, you need to book well in advance of your wedding.

6.How many guests am I inviting for my wedding?
This is very, very important so as to know the number of people coming for your wedding.

7.What type of wedding programmed will I use?
You need to discuss with the officiating minister on the format of your wedding ahead of time.
Note that how well you treat the officiating ministers and their choir may not affect your wedding but it may affect other people who get married after you.

8.Wedding rehearsal?
If you do not want to look stupid on your weeding day, you need to have a wedding rehearsal and all the people in your train also need to attend this rehearsal.

9.How long will my bridal train be?
You need to decide if you are going to have a bridal train, and whom you want on your train.

10.Who will make the bridal gown?
You need to decide if you will be buying, making, renting or borrowing a wedding gown. But know that it is best for the groom and the best man to make their own outfits, because these suits can be used after the wedding.

11.Who will choose my wedding color, and my accessories?
Some people are not good enough when it comes to combinations of colors. You just need to ask a friend to help you choose your colors.

12.What can I get for free?
You do not need to buy everything that you will need for the wedding. Before you spend money on anything, find out if you can get it without paying.

13.How grand will my reception be?
Make sure that the person in charge is aware of the seating arrangement, and it should be this person’s responsibility to inform the ushers.

14.What is the budget of my wedding?
If you do not decide how much you intend to spend for your wedding, you will not be able to plan effectively.

15.Who needs to save towards the wedding?
You both need to save towards your wedding. Because  it is as an investment towards the future.

16.What do I have to do?
You must have a to-do list. Write every little thing in this list, if you will be needing  pins , put it down. This is very good in the sense that if your friend volunteers to help, you know what you can ask them to do for you.

17.Where will I live after the wedding?
If you do not discuss and make good plans for this ahead of your wedding, you may discover that you do not have a place to go after reception.

18.How will our department be furnished?
Make quality furniture for your department.

19.Are you going on honeymoon?
Only one or two friends of yours should know where you are going for your honeymoon, and they should not disclose your whereabouts to other people.

20.Must we have sex that first night?
It is normal for the bride to be shy or afraid if she is a virgin. The man has to be both gentle and firm. Even though you have waited for several months for your wedding day to come you need to exercise patience. Do not act like the man who could not wait for the reception to start. He wanted to consummate his marriage right after church service. Anywhere it is easy to put focus on the day and not the future after the day.

Start planning today for a successful marriage tomorrow!!

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