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Experience true salvation by riding on the wings of the holy spirit. Get tips here and keep running the race

Riding on the wings of the Holy Spirit

To ride simply means to take a journey.

Riding on the wings of the Holy Spirit is a supernatural movement that is faster than the speed of light.

Liberty holds its strength from the order of redemption. If they is no liberty, it therefore means that they is no freedom.

Being free from every and any kind of control either from human or spirit is what we called Liberty. It is also a situation where by you are free from every form of entanglement.

Kinds of liberty

· Physical liberty

· Spiritual liberty

· Mental liberty

· Financial liberty

Being subjected under control is slavery

Freedom is our fundamental human right; the word freedom is a combination of two words, ‘free and Dom.”The power to dominate is also freedom. You can create more impact if you can make your choice.

Benefits of being born of the spirit

· Your birth in the spirit makes you a free born and a free man.

Matthew 17:27

Act 22:25

· Your birth in the spirit makes you a spirit like a wing not subject to anything.

Romans 8:9
You are set free by the birth of the spirit of Christ
The law of Christ is your birth in the spirit.
The power that works in us is the power of God.
Your birth in the spirit is a principle of a spiritual law.
Working in the spirit is a key to supernatural supremacy.
Finally, your birth in the spirit fulfilled in you the spiritual requirement of the lord.

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